Write the Docs death metal shirt

Death the Docs

Update 28/03/17 We’re down to the last few shirts, a mens S, some womens L and and a womens XXL .

Update 25/12/16 We’ve received the shirts, have sent out all postal preorders and have a list to deliver at various conferences and festivals. There are a few left in most sizes – reserve yours now!

We’re preparing a limited edition, small print run of 50 death metal Write the Docs shirts, in 155 gsm organic black (of course) cotton with a logo design by the legendary Christophe Szpajdel. If it looks like we’re in any danger of selling enough of these to make any money after covering costs we’ll be donating most of the excess to the mighty Read the Docs!

Size guides (women’s / men’s)


We’ll be sending the order to the printers by 17th November, and sending out shirts till 10th December 2016, anything after that will wait till March as we’ll be away at Chiang Mai Deathfest for the winter.

Finally a shout out to the good people at Mailchimp for inspiration, even though the shirt they promised me never arrived in the post.